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お問い合わせフォーム(Order Form)

カタログ請求に関してのご注意(Notes on catalog request)

If you wish to request catalog of SUTDIO 010, please fill out the necessary information from the following input form, please contact us.
■ When making inquiries, please read "Personal Information Protection Policy", please consent after agreeing.
■ Answer may take time. If you hurry, please contact us by phone.
■ Please confirm the reception setting (spam mail setting) etc so that you can receive reply mail.
■ In the unlikely event that there is no reply from here, it is very troublesome but please contact us again.

入力に関してのご注意(Notes on input)

(1) ※ mark is a required item. please be sure to input.
(2) Please enter all katakana in full-width.
(3) Please enter the telephone number (home or mobile phone) that you can contact in the telephone number field.
(4) When input is completed, please click "contents confirmation" under the form.
(5) The content confirmation screen opens, so click "Send" after confirming the input content and it's done.

カタログのダウンロードまでの流れ(Flow of catalog download)

(1) Please fill in the following request form and fill it in.
(2) After completing the entry, we will send you the ID · PASS required for cataloging to the email address you entered.
(3) After confirming the mail, please input ID · PASS from the following
貴社名 ※必須
例)012-345-6789 ※携帯電話可
メールアドレス ※必須
製本を希望する ※必須


Please be sure to enter the recipient of the bookbinding.
Bindings will be sent by cash on delivery. Binding catalog 1 part (including cash on delivery shipping fee) 1,000 yen